Enhancing the Nursery experience for children and staff

The Mortlake Nursery environment has undergone a complete makeover since we acquired the business. Our focus has been to enhance the Nursery experience for children and staff alike. There is a brighter, more open internal room layout with 3 dedicated rooms – Baby, Toddler and Pre-School – each supervised by highly qualified Room Leaders. The Nursery has been completely re-equipped with the latest in bespoke Nursery furniture, play toys and books and we have invested in an interactive learning table for the Pre-School room. Our Baby Room has been designed to meet the needs of Babies from birth until 18 months and includes a separate Nappy Changing room, Milk Kitchen and a dedicated Cot Room.

The main and internal entrances have been fitted with keypad locks for added security, a new entrance porch has been added and the garden area fully re-designed to include a dedicated buggy storage, a shaded area for baby and Toddlers and we are planning to add a first-floor outdoor play platform for the Pre-School children in early 2019.

As a Nursery business we have implemented a highly sophisticated Nursery software programme called Famly. Through Famly we are able to communicate with parents on a real-time basis and provide detailed information on how your child is developing.


Room Settings

Our 3 Nursery rooms – Baby, Toddler and Pre-School all focus on encouraging each child to develop independence, to make their own choices and to generally support their early-years learning.

At My Sunshine Day Nursery we promote the concepts of ‘Active Learning‘ and ‘Learning through Play’ and believe that this is vital to the development of each and every child’s potential. Our staff understand the importance of creating a positive play environment for the children encouraging them to develop social skills with an appreciation of all aspects of our country’s multi-cultural society. The planning of learning experiences is further designed to ensure, as far as practical, equality of opportunity between all children and, at the same time, celebrate diversity.

Activities are promoted using a balance of adult-led and child-initiated opportunities both indoors and outdoors.

We focus on building the child’s confidence through a variety of work including discussions about the children’s own work and creations and make a point of providing inspirational work displays and regular recognition no matter how small the achievement might be. We encourage the children to be independent through asking them to clean up after themselves at lunch or play, care for each other when help is required and build strong bonds with one another through sharing and recognition.

At My Sunshine Day Nursery our staff of specialist early years practitioners work as a close and supportive team. Frequent room meetings and staff meetings enable our team to plan activities that are suitable to the children in their care, paying particular attention to the individual needs of each child. We organise activities that stimulate and encourage imagination, using every opportunity to encourage the children to play outdoors, take turns, share and be considerate to others.

Staff inform Parents/carers each day through the Famly App and at home times about the activities their children have taken part in, so that parents are able to share these experiences with their child.


Our Garden

Our Baby and Toddler rooms have direct free-flow access to the ground floor Garden space and the Pre-Schoolers use the outside space several times during the day. Our Nursery is also located in close proximity to Mortlake Green and the River Thames Path and we make full use of these facilities throughout the year and especially in the summer. Each day the children in all rooms have the opportunity to go into our Garden area and /or experience and explore other outside spaces. This aids in their development of an active lifestyle through direct physical activity, freedom and movement and through promoting an important sense of wellbeing. Being outside also provides the children with a connection to the natural world and the experience of direct contact with the weather and the seasons. Playing and learning outside helps the children to understand and respect nature, as well as the environment and the life-cycle of humans, animals and plants.