Peace of Mind

My Sunshine Day Nursery Parent Partnership

Consistent communication with parents is a vital part of daily Nursery life. Through using the Famly app (that can be downloaded on to any smart phone or tablet) we can keep all parents updated on a real time basis about their child’s activities during the day and their general overall development at Nursery. In effect it allows the parents to both closely follow and take part in their child’s Learning Journey. As part of our partnership with parents and to maintain our ‘Family feel’ at Nursery, we encourage parents to occasionally join in our Nursery activity days with workshops, training and talks.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of our children is of paramount importance to us and access to the Nursery is strictly controlled and monitored at all times.  We have a keypad / intercom main entrance to the Nursery and our porch separates the front of the Nursery from the Garden. We have separate entrance doors to each room setting.



All visitors to the Nursery are required to sign the visitor’s book on arrival and present photographic identification. Any persons on the premises, be it for maintenance/servicing, visits or meetings, are always chaperoned by a member of staff at all times.


Collection of children

Our Staff adhere to strict policies and procedures regarding the authorisation for collection of children. We have a parent sign in / sign out procedure through our Family App and request any additional guardians / friends who are collected children must bring photo identification and nursery password. Prior notification of a new person collecting needs to be emailed through to the management team.

Staff Vetting

All employees of My Sunshine Day Nursery have passed a strict vetting process through the Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS). It is also compulsory for each new employee to go through a formal induction process, where, amongst other things, training is given on each of our Nursery Policies and Procedures in order to guarantee consistency of care and in Health & Safety to ensure a safe working environment for staff and children alike.


Health and Safety

My Sunshine Day Nursery has a well-defined Health and Safety Policy in place, with associated procedures designed to guarantee your child’s safety and security at all times. Each of our 3 early-years rooms, as well as our outdoor areas, are fully risk assessed on a regular basis to ensure the Nursery environment is safe and secure.

A significant part of our Duty of Care is to teach the children about keeping themselves safe. As such, regular discussions and activities around subjects including road safety and ‘stranger danger’ are built into our early-years curriculum