Toddler Room (18-33 months)


My Sunshine Day Nursery is committed to providing an outstanding level of care and education for up to 15 toddlers.

The Toddler Room can cater for up to 15 Toddlers between the ages of 18 and 33 months. Our staff to child ratio is 1:4 for the Toddler group. Children will sleep once a day (or more if needed) on individual mats or coracles.

Healthy fresh food is prepared on site by our Chef every day and the children enjoy a morning snack, lunch and afternoon tea.

In line with OFSTED Guidance our Toddlers go outside daily to ensure that they get regular fresh air and exposure to a range of different stimuli. Our Toddler Room has a free-flow access to our Garden which has a covered shaded area and a variety of activities to explore. We are also fortunate to be located in close proximity to Mortlake Park and the Thames River Path which the Toddlers especially enjoy visiting during the summer months.


Settling In: We offer up to 6 settling-in sessions over a 2 week period and at different times of a day. We start with a 1 hour session and gradually build this up to a 3 hour session over the 2 weeks. After this your child joins the Nursery on a regular basis.  We recognise that this is a big step and understand that all children are different. As such we base the children’s transition and settling-in around each child’s individual needs. We will discuss and agree the best plan for your child with you during your enrolment.

If your child is transitioning from the Baby Room your child’s key worker will talk to you about the transition process, which initially involved regular settling-in sessions with their current key worker, and then short sessions without their key worker once they are familiarised with the room. Parents will be invited to a transition meeting in which the child’s current key worker will sum up their time in the Baby Room and information passes to the child’s new Toddler Room key worker. This meeting also gives parents an opportunity to meet their child’s new key workers and address any questions or concerns you may have about the transition.

Key Workers: On joining Toddlers your child will be allocated a Key Worker. This is usually based on who your child forms a natural bond with during their settling-in sessions. Their Key worker will be form a close relationship with you child during their time in Toddlers and is responsible for planning your child’s needs and interests each week and for liaising with you regularly via Famly. Famly will also document all activities related to your child’s Learning Journey

Famly – our Nursery Communication App:  All Toddlers will have daily communication notes available to you as parents through our Nursery software programme called Famly. Through Famly we document your child’s Learning Journey and detail all the information your child’s day at Nursery including Nappy Changes, Feeding, Milk and Sleep as well as any comments on how they have been throughout their day. We encourage parents to download and use the Famly app on a daily basis as a form of communication with our team at the Nursery. Famly allows you to add your own notes and comments to your child’s key worker regarding any changes in your child’s routine.

Curriculum: We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for all children, and using our specially developed Learning and Development tracker, we monitor children’s learning and development. We plan individually for all children by developing next steps based on observations made my staff. We always ensure that children are provided with a wide range of interesting activities and experiences to build upon their development in all areas of learning.

Extra-Curricular: A variety of extra-curricular activities are put on throughout the year to provide your child with additional fun-based learning and development activities.


Keeping track of all our toddlers progress with FAMLY

All Toddlers will have daily communication notes available to you as parents through our Nursery software programme called Famly. To find our more please contact us.